Sometimes you just need to see something being used "for real" before you truly understand how fantastic it is! So here is your chance to see Mal in action and watch a demonstration of how to use the products
Upstairs Downstairs at Shrewsbury Food Festival
Pyrex Cookware and Glassware at Dobbies, Melville
Pyrex Cookware and Glassware at Dobbies, Melville 2
Pyrex Cookware and Glassware at Dobbies, Melville 3
Pyrex Cookware and Glassware at Dobbies, Melville 4
Pyrex Cook and Go range
How to make the Perfect Omelette
Judge Ceramic Non Stick Frypan - amazing!
Fat Free Scrambled Eggs using a Stellar Rocktanium Fry Pan
Perfect Poached Eggs
Stellar Roast and Rack
Judge Gravy Separator Jug
Brussel Sprouts with Smoked Pancetta
Quesadilla Sauce and Wraps
Cheese & Tomato on Toast in the Halogen Oven
Judge Rice Cooker
Judge Slow Cooker
Judge Soup Maker
How to Open an Over Tight Jar
Judge Halogen Oven
Discover Stellar Rocktanium Cookware
Judge Mini Chopper
Judge Rice Cooker
Pyrex Cook & Heat Range
Pyrex Cook & Heat 2
How to Sharpen your Knives with a Steel
Betty Crocker Baking Set
Kuhn Rikon peeler
Judge Mini Chopper 2
How to Dice an Onion
James Martin Cookware by Stellar
Stellar Rocktanium Fry Pans
Frittata using the Rocktanium Sautepan
Quick and Easy Way to Make a Spicy Marinade
Making Mexican Tacos featuring Rocktanium frypans
Rocktanium Cookware - The Frittata Test
Judge Double Wall Insulated Glassware
Rocktanium Cookware - The Omelette Test
Tower Slow Cooker
Morphy Richards Soup Maker
Sizzle and Serve
Speedy Caesar Salad
Malcolm Harradine demos the Tower Air Fryer at Housing Units
The Sharp Knife and Pepper Test
Judge Slow Cooker & Salter Airfryer
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