Sticky Toffee Apples

Sticky Toffee Apples

These still evoke nostalgic memories of when I was a kid - I always associate them with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Fairgrounds. Happy Days!
ServesPrep / Cooking TimeDifficulty
6 30 minutes plus setting 1

The longer you leave the toffee to set, the crunchier it will be - just watch your teeth though!



6 Granny Smith apples
350g vanilla caster sugar
100ml water
1 tsp vinegar
4 tbsp golden syrup


  • Cover the apples with boiling water in a bowl to clean them thoroughly, as this helps the caramel to stick
  • Dry thoroughly and take off any stalks.
  • Push a wooden lolly stick into the stalk end of each apple
  • Roll out a piece of baking parchment and place the apples on this, stick up.
  • Place the sugar in a pan along with the water, let the sugar dissolve and then add the vinegar and syrup.
  • Use a sugar thermometer and boil to 140C or if you don't have a thermometer to hand, pour a little into a bowl of cold water and it should harden instantly.
  • If it is still soft, boil a little longer.
  • You need to work very quickly now as the toffee will set otherwise.
  • Dip and twist each apple into the toffee until evenly coated.
  • Place on the baking parchment to harden.
  • Leave to cool for 1-2 hours for maximum crunch!
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