Ciabatta with Balsamic

Ciabatta with Balsamic

A truly Italian starter!

I found this recipe whilst at a local Italian restaurant around the corner from QVC but I have never actually seen it on the menu in any other Italian since.


This is simple and quick to prepare and totally delicious with a glass of Chianti!



1 stick of Ciabatta bread, sliced diagonally
6 fresh basil leaves, torn
4 tbsp first pressed extra virgin olive oil
1 tbsp of Balsamic vinegar


  • Pour all the olive oil onto a serving plate and swirl around so it is even and then just add drops of balsamic over the top.
  • Due to the density of the 2 liquids, the vinegar will form into little dots.
  • Add the torn basil leaves on top and using the bread, dip into the mixture.
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