Whether your question is about how to stuff a chicken or what to serve with it, we have the answers

Using your Halogen Oven

Barbequeing Chicken

When BBQ'ing chicken pieces, microwave for about 5 mins on full power, then wrap in foil with some fresh herbs and a little butter before placing on the BBQ. Always put them away from the main full on source of flame for at least 10 mins before bringing them to the main heat for a further 10 mins.

Before serving, open the foil, prick with a fork to ensure that the juices are running clear and not in any way pink.

Perfectly cooked chicken pieces and delicious too!

Roasting Meat

When roasting a joint or poultry, it is important that you allow time for the meat to "rest" and complete cooking.

Simply cook for the normal time, remove from the oven, cover and leave for up to half of its original cooking time. This allows the meat to relax and you will find you will get moister, more flavoursome and tender meat.

Its also easier to carve as the meat is more tender.

Cooking Meat Correctly

This is particularly important when cooking poultry and pork, less so with beef, lamb etc which you can basically cook to your own tastes, rare, medium, well done etc.

I am always being asked how to check that it is done properly and the first thing would be to invest in a proper meat thermometer which you simply push into the plumpest part of the bird or joint when the cooking time has elapsed and the dial will tell you if it is cooked through or not.

However, an age old way is using a skewer, push it into the fleshiest part (on a bird, between the leg and breast, on a joint, in the middle part) and if the juices run clear, the meat is done safely.

Don't forget to let the meat rest and relax for at least 30 mins after you have taken it from the oven (see my Roasting Meat tip)

Result - safely cooked, succulent meat to be enjoyed by all.


Sage is a perennial herb which can be found all year round

Tradionally, sage is used with meat, specifically pork and chicken and in stuffings such as sage & onion

Organic Chickens

I am a great believer in organic foods for many reasons but with chickens, they have had been able to cluck around the farmyard and are eating natural things while they are roaming, including corn. You can always tell a corn fed chicken just from the colour of its flesh before cooking which has a yellow tinge to it.

The bird is so much more flavoursome and you will find that you use alot less herbs and spices to create that flavour.

The prices are coming down for organic foods so its well worth giving them a try for yourself

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