The most versatile of foods and most widely used in many everyday and cordon bleu recipes!

Using your Halogen Oven

Keeping your Eggs Fresh

Eggs are very porous and take on smells very easily so they need to be kept in an airtight container.

You can keep eggs in a fridge but they need to be in the less cold areas such as in the salad box towards the bottom of the fridge as opposed to the door (despite fridge manufacturers putting the egg tray there)

Alternatively, keep in the coolest part of the kitchen.

A little tip is that if you do choose to keep them in the fridge, always take them out at least one hour before you want to cook with them so they have time to reach room temperature.

The reason for this? The eggs will mix better and you will get the results you want, especially when making cakes and Yorkshire puds.


To get nearer to that souffle style of omelette and impress your friends and family, add a pinch of cornflour to the beaten egg.

To make the omelette lighter, just add 12ml of water for every egg used but remember do not overbeat the eggs.

Cook in the conventional way or in the microwave if you prefer in an omelette mould

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